Thursday, July 25, 2013


Like any other day, yesterday I took the LRT home from my workplace. (I'm currently intern-ing at Persada PLUS fyi). So as usual, upon approaching KLCC station, its always among the most packed station during peak hours.

What happened was that there was an old Chinese lady standing in front of me, obviously exhausted from the pushings and crowded LRT coach. We were standing in front of one of the seats, so it happened to be that one of the ladies were about to leave, leaving the seat vacant.

Another standing lady gestured to the Chinese lady to have a seat, as how it always supposed to be. I just nodded, assuming she would just sit down, and that's it. But it struck me when the Chinese lady replied, "Aiya eh no laa you sit down leh, you're fasting!"

Thump, another struck in my heart.

I mean, I do acknowledge the fact that Malaysia is a multi-racial country, and its a common sense in our everyday life to respect other races, just as much as our own. But to have such tolerance and understanding happening to your own self, its a totally, way different story man. So we insisted on the old Chinese lady to sit, even after quite a few polite declines to have the seat for ourself.

And I'm not even remotely lying when for a split second I saw the old lady wiped the corner of her eye. I guess she was just as touched as I do.

Somehow it made me see living together harmoniously is a beauty beyond words to describe. Made me see racism is a bullshit analogy made by people who never had the chance to see for themselves how perfectly fine it is to live together, despite different skin, and hair colour. Nevertheless, taught me that kindness too, goes great length when passed from one to another.

Malaysia is amazing, Malaysia is beautiful in so many ways.
I just wish we could together keep it safe and sound for our people, and for the future generations to come.

Malaysia tanah tumpah darahku.


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