Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Throughout First Year

I guess I would say it as really, really interesting.

Im doing Economics and Accounting in University of Bristol you see. Pretty much away from home. But thing is, Ive never actually quite stayed at home. My whole life has been a series of independent journey away from home. SSP, five years. KY, two years. Now for the remaining three years, in the UK. No make that two, since Ive finished my first year. So yes, away, but I guess things are rather different when you have it with a different culture, different background, and different ways of seeing things.

If I were to put it simply, my first year has been about new things. Me trying new things and new things happening to me for me to learn. I did cool things though. Belly dancing, ballroom dancing, COOKING. Omg cooking yes cooking. My whole life Ive never literally stepped foot in my kitchen to cook anything. When in the UK, not cooking simply means digging a hole in my pocket. Gotta cook on my own man. Thats how you save money studying abroad. By the end of the year, Im not so bad myself. Except during exams la. You just simply lose all the mojo to do house-keeping things. Duh.

Of course, I made new friends too. Thing is, Ive never been the kind that keeps friends. Im good with acquaintances, but on the most part, Im pretty much on my own. Been pretty much that way since way before. So surviving on my own in uni has been quite a normality. Of course, you do need to go out. Night outs, travelling, Spring and Summer Balls, you can't go alone man. Friends are pretty useful during those terms. I still haven't figured it out anyway. Who really are my friends when I need one. But then again, it gives me the edge of not sticking to any particular people. So I guess Im happy that way.

And.. Ive kinda changed too. I speak my mind out more than before. I hate, super hate arguing because I can't put my thoughts in words for me to say it out loud. But Im not sure which part of the whole living in the UK thing, but it kinda helped me to vocalize my thoughts more.. Smoothly. Yeah. English proficiency as well. Maybe that's why the cliche saying of - don't stick to Malaysians - is in itself cliche. Because its true. Ya think people got time to wait for you to say things all the time. They'll get bored over time. Might as well you do something to help you fit in faster.

Surviving on your own, trust me, above all makes you closer to God too. Ive seen the good gone bad, the bad gone good. Whenever I felt empty, lonely, I knew I must have at least done something wrong. Reciting the Quran then pretty much gives the calm to my heart again. I have my ways of enjoying life, and I believe everyone else too. Ive been judged by humans, be it mildly or violently. It hurts sometimes, but if weren't for them, I might doing the same too. Ive learned to not, NOT judge anyone before I know em. Boy, you have no idea how many times Ive made that mistake. Need to keep learning all the time. Trust me, God works in the most mysterious, amazing ways we would never knew or expected.

First year wasn't so bad, adapting and learning most of the time. By the end of the day (year), all iz well.

Good day!



Syaza Nazura said...

You've survived your first year in uni, and left with two years to go. As for me, my first year's starting in a little more than a month's time, and I'm scared as hell. :'( Butttt, I'm hoping it'd go well. It's gonna be tons of fun, especially since I'd be heading off to the States, a country that I've never been to, so it'd be an adventure :3

Hihi :D

Elinar Yasmeen said...

Haha well embrace it love! I pray for everything to go smooth and well for you :)