Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Faith and Belief

So here's the deal. One fine Wednesday afternoon, I've decided to walk down the hills of Bristol, to one of the halal meat shops in Stokes Croft, one of the few around this vicinity. It was raining like hell, but since I figured I have no other days to get my halal meat, so I just went through with rain, obviously drenched and soaked by the time I reached the shop. I waited around 15 mins since the lady in front of me was purchasing quite an amount-load of chickens and meat.

When it was my turn, one English guy came from my back, asking whether there's any chicken breasts left, which surprise surprise, what I was aiming for as well. I wanted 2 kilos of them, which was apparently what was left behind the counter and another batch is gonna come in about 2 hours time. Since my biggest weakness is hiding my emotions, I'm pretty sure the word "Darn it" was written all my face. The exhaustion from walking all the way didn't help either to curb my frustration.

So I decided to bargain, I'll take one kilo, and that lad could take the other 1 kilo. Slightly defensive, and after a few exchange of "Are you sure, are you sure" we settled with the agreed bargain. At the back of my mind, takpelah, mungkin inilah ujian harini. He could have possibly rang earlier in the morning to reserve some, and I could understand someone as well built depend a lot on such lean protein and etc etc.

But as I was walking back home, I was reminded of Andrea, a Spanish friend of mine who happen to really love buying meat from the very same shop as well. She complimented as the meat there are fresher, and cheaper than the ones at Sainsbury. But I still remember her very first visit there, she continuously asked me whether its okay for her to purchase the meat there, in case its specially for Muslims and its difficult for us to get halal meat around here. Assuring her, and at the same time touched by her sensitivity, I assured her it was perfectly fine.

Coming back, two things kept on lingering in my head :-

1) If that lad wasn't a Muslim, I honestly and humbly thought that was very selfish of him. I do not have the liberty to pick any meat from the shelves of Sainsbury, or Waitrose, or Morrisons for my consumption as he does. I understand he might love the freshness of halal meat, and in a way thank you for strengthening the economy of the Muslims, but in such circumstances I honestly felt he could have backed down and wait for the next batch of meat.

2) If he is and alhamdulillah, a Muslim, I hoped I have demonstrated whats best and a win-win situation for both, especially if he is a newly converted brother. At the same time I admire his pursuit, and hopefully Allah ease his way of becoming a better Muslim.

Maybe its because I didn't wear hijab, maybe it would have been instantly different if he knew from start I'm a Muslim.

But whatever it is, I believe Allah promises one thousand and one hikmah from what I've gone through today.

Have a good day folks :)

E Azmi

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